No Longer Cooking For Just Two

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I apologize for the lack of updating. However, for the majority of September and October, I couldn’t stand the thought of cooking. In fact, the last thing I wanted was a healthy, home cooked meal. How ironic is that? A few weeks after starting a food blog, I lose my appetite. Turns out the first trimester of pregnancy will do that to you.

Yep, I am pregnant! We are so very excited, and the “eatting for two” offically started at the perfect time- the holidays.

This brings me to my next excuse for not posting in the months of November and December. While I was blissfully making my way into my second trimester and fully able to eat again, the holiday season was busier than ever. There still wasn’t much cooking happening in our house.

Now, months after my last post and 23 weeks happily pregnant- I am proud to announce that I am back in the kitchen and Turner is patiently waiting at my feet.

I thought I’d start by posting a healthy recipe. Partly because I can finally stomach vegetables and chicken again, and also in honor of all the people trying to start the new year off on the right foot.

One Pan Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables.


My Findings: 

This meal is perfect for the cold nights we’ve been having lately. The warm spices mixed with the earthy vegetables makes the house smell wonderful. The recipe says to marinate over night- I didn’t have time, and it still came out great.

Turner’s Findings: 

I like and will eat up all carrots and potatoes that fall to the floor. I do not like brussel sprouts.


“Perfectly cooked and loved the seasonings. I wonder if we could make it work with boneless chicken breast instead.”

What do you think? Would boneless chicken work? I’d love to know if you give it a try.



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